Entrelinos | How can I help you?
With your own inspiration and collecting the latest trends, we have created "Entrelinos", a space where you can find a simple line with dreamed and designed objects, to print in your home a stamp of warmth and good taste. . All of them carefully chosen, brought from outside and inside Chile. We use linen as part of their name and raw material for our bedding, table and accessories. "Entrelinos" is an important personal project, which makes a dream come true with a family seal..
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How can I help you?

Washing instructions
  • Washing machine, in delicate program or wool, always with cold water.
  • Try using mild detergent and moderate.
  • And air dry in the shade, If you want you can give a final drying in dryer, it should be cold air.
  • Avoid drycleaning.
Returns & Exchanges
  • No checks accepted.
  • Changes are accepted without ballot.
  • 30 changes days from the date of purchase.
  • Once you purchase the product will not be made cashback.
  • No loans are made products.
Payment Methods
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Cash.
  • Transfer.
  • WebPay.
Bride list

Make a bride list with us, come to our store and advise you so you can build the spaces in your home with the best linens.

telephone counseling

We are happy to accept orders by phone, You can contact our store for us advise you.


All prices are suggested retail CPL ($) and incluyen VAT.


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